Posted by: kjcotner | December 21, 2009

Friday night in DC

Went to DC on Friday with some friends.  I tried taking more shots of people in the composition.  It’s very hard to balance it all out.  I took over 300 shots and only around 50 came out decent in my opinion.  I may give up and stick to nature and outdoor photography.  It started snowing while we were at a hookah bar in DC so we left for home a little earlier then I would’ve liked.  I had to wake up at 4:00 am anyway to open the store because the person scheduled switched.  He was scared he wasn’t going to make the drive to the store through the forecasted storm warning.  We got dumped on, he was stuck, and I was rested for work so it all worked out.  I got a few shots in DC when the snow started.  It’s interesting how the flash lights up the snowflakes in the air at night so you can really pick them out.  Click on the blog image to see the rest of the pics.


  1. hey Kalani…have you taken any photo’s recently – I totally enjoyed the photo’s that you posted. lc

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