Posted by: kjcotner | December 28, 2009

National Cathedral

Went back to D.C. and took photos of the national cathedral.  They came out real noisy because I tried shooting high iso to increase my shutter speed.  I did get the exposure right and had no need for a tripod but I was disappointed with the noise.  Might be time to try topaz denoise or upgrade lens or camera 😦


  1. Regardless of the noise (oh and do try denoise) it is a terrific composition kalaini. Nice job!

  2. thanks! i hung out there for a few hours but got there early enough the light was shining on the cross. i havent taken pics in awhile, i sold my d40 and have enough money to afford a higher res camera that can shoot higher iso. im waiting to see if nikons gonna announce anything this month thatll bring prices down for what im looking at. im tempted to buy a 4 x 5 but i dont know yet, decisions decisions!! in the meantime ive been working on my life drawing pretty much daily. cant wait for spring tho… new camera, camping, and more pics 🙂

  3. Definitely a beautiful compo. Well seen and captured. You can only work with what you have at the time. You made the most of this for sure. Just lovely.

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