Posted by: kjcotner | December 15, 2009

Vienna and night exposures

Worked a short shift, had time to go out into the city of vienna and take some urban photos.  Taking pictures in a city is much different then taking photos of flowers or landscapes.  I was always nervous of standing out with my camera, I’d leave something I’d take pictures of then I’d want to go back so I’d decide to stutter step around then I’d reframe and keep changing directions making sure nobody was watching me.  Then I’d slink away.  People didn’t notice me or say anything if they did.  Next time I’ll be more comfortable with taking photos with people in the compositions.  I missed so many because I was afraid people would get angry.  They might walk into my work and recognize me!  Composing in a city is a lot harder too.  You really have to think 3-d and how to move around to get things at different distances to line up.  The problem is there’s so many things moving around it easily gets chaotic.  I took a few that I think worked out but missed a bunch I’m sure.   Here’s a link to the rest of the images.

Tonights sunset fell flat.  There was some huge storm cloud blocking all the light above the sun.  I was scouting out places to take shots of it.  I tried getting permission to set up on top of the Marriot but the manager wouldn’t let me.  So I zoomed over to a hill overlooking the east.  Since it fell flat I took the opportunity to shoot some nightscapes.  Here’s a link to the rest of the images.

Posted by: kjcotner | December 15, 2009

Another good sunset

Happened to be walking outside on my break and saw another breathtaking sunset. Snapped this with my iphone.

Posted by: kjcotner | December 12, 2009


Went out to shenandoah on my day off today to capture my first landscapes.  There was no clouds, light was directly overhead, and I’m waiting to get a zoom and grad filter.  It was more of a scouting trip to see where I wanna come back for sunset or sunrise shots.  Lots of scenic overviews.  Next time I’m bringing my gloves and winter hat, it was cold.

Posted by: kjcotner | December 8, 2009

First good sunset

Storms have been clearing through this area lately and last night I saw the coolest sunset outside my window. I went to get my camera and composed through the 2nd floor window, with a screen. Just as I pressed the shutter a flock of birds flew over the tree line. When I looked at the photos on my computer I couldnt believe they came out how I wanted them too. I think I captured how it looked and what I was feeling when I saw the sunset through my window.

Posted by: kjcotner | December 3, 2009

Image overlay ala Tony Sweet

I went to a talk by Tony Sweet Tuesday night hosted by the  Learned about the multitude of plugins available to post process digital images in photoshop.  One technique he used a lot that I never tried before was image overlay.  I took one today of some backlit tulips near the window.   I’m anxious to try this more.  It’s so much fun!

Posted by: kjcotner | November 28, 2009


Another thanksgiving, this time our mom wasnt with us but we all snapped photos with my camera for her. ( ) She was missed. It was a traditional, old school thanksgiving with tons of food, lots of story telling, and lots of love.

Posted by: kjcotner | November 14, 2009

Rain rain go away

It’s been raining here non stop for the past few days and they’ve been having me work overtime to help get ready for the holidays. Maybe I’ve just been lazy but all I’ve managed to shoot in the past few days is a few closeups of flowers growing in the house. I’m actually anxious to try this some more. I made a bunch of exposures with different settings and really learned a lot about how each setting affects depth of field, color, flash. Pretty soon I’ll be able to get what I want without having to look through the manual.

Click on the flower on the left to see the rest of the images.

Posted by: kjcotner | November 9, 2009

Lost in the Woods

My backs almost 100 percent.  Had today off so I took advantage and went to Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria to try and figure out my D40 better.  I’ve been taking advantage of pro photographers wonderful blogs to further my knowledge and develop better technique.  I was mainly working on composition and proper exposure today.   Tomorrow afternoon I’m gonna try and shoot some images that create emotional impact.  Met some other photographers out at the park and overall had a wonderful time.  Here’s a link to the rest of the images.  I love feedback 🙂

Posted by: kjcotner | November 5, 2009

New decade

I turned 30 end of last month. The day after my birthday I pulled something in my back putting on my shoes for work and was out of commission for a week. Luckily my dad could come over and drive me to urgent care. I’m never making fun of people with back pain ever again. I couldn’t walk for 3 days! I had to crawl to the bathroom. Beginning of this week we had to put our beloved shar-pei Max down. My dad came into my work with tears in his eyes and said “he’s gone”. Cancer got him. Rocky start to a new decade of life.

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